Our handle is a polyvinyl chloride that is sturdy and will not break when dropped or stepped on. We have premium, quality, tacky grips that eliminate that occasional “I dropped my rope”.

About Mute Sports Equipment

Mute Sports Equipment began making Speed Jump Ropes for fitness equipment because as athletes, we could not find what we were looking for in a Custom Jump Rope, so we created our own.

Our jump ropes have sturdy handles that have a high quality, tacky grip wrap. When jumping rope, our jump rope handles are designed to be held on the last two inches so the spin of the cable is propelled by the whip of the handle. Therefore, it is one of the best jump ropes for double unders, triple unders and even quad unders.

We also have Adjustable Jump Ropes, which are designed for the entry-level Functional Movement Athlete. We truly believe our jump ropes are one of the best jump ropes that you can own.

  • I learned how to do double unders in the clinic they did at our box! Great tips to make it easier!

    Jennifer T. Avatar
    Jennifer T.

    I had struggled with double-unders for years. 15 minutes and one rope change I went from 0 to 22 in a row. Best rope ever!

    James H. Avatar
    James H.

    Super friendly and gave helpful recommendations! I love my new rope!!

    LO K. Avatar
    LO K.
  • Awesome products and awesome coaches!

    Christine B. Avatar
    Christine B.

    We are a professional climbing chalk wholesaler, if necessary, please contact

    Sun X. Avatar
    Sun X.

    Love my adaptive jump rope!! We exclusively use your jump ropes at our box because of the quality and our athletes love them. Thank you for manufacturing such great products.

    Mike O. Avatar
    Mike O.
  • Great equipment, exceptional people and I love the principals the company was founded on. Great to meet you at the Central Regional CrossFit games

    Ray L. Avatar
    Ray L.

    5 stars for 5 star people. Excellent tips, demo/clinic & equipment! Cheers

    Joseph A. Avatar
    Joseph A.

    These folks put on a good DU clinic and fit you with just the right rope to take you to the next level in your pursuit of double unders.

    Floyd W. Avatar
    Floyd W.