Improve your skill and efficiency with a Mute® Sports Jump Rope!

Our jump rope handles are designed to eliminate fatigue, sore shoulders and forearms. Yes! The handle is long! Think about it as a lever! The power from the cable moving has to come from somewhere, why not the handles instead of your shoulders?! Do you ever cherry pick your workouts when “jump rope” is listed in the WOD?  Mute Sports® Ropes (Adaptive and Standard) will give you the confidence and success for your next workout!

About Mute® Sports Equipment

Mute® Sports Equipment began making Speed Jump Ropes for fitness equipment because as athletes, we could not find what we were looking for in a Custom Jump Rope, so we created our own.

Our jump ropes have sturdy handles that have a high quality, tacky grip wrap. When jumping rope, our jump rope handles are designed to be held on the last two inches so the spin of the cable is propelled by the whip of the handle. Therefore, it is one of the best jump ropes for single unders, double unders and triple unders!

We also have Adjustable Jump Ropes, which are designed for the entry-level Functional Movement Athlete. We truly believe our jump ropes are one of the best jump ropes that you can own.

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Great company. Amazing customer service and they respond fast to your questions.
I am very happy with my rope!

Sebastian Rincon

Well, in a bit of a funny scenario, I have to compliment the durability of these jump ropes.
I always hang my jump rope in the garage. The night before I go to the gym, I would hang it on the rearview mirror of my car so I would remember to pack it the next morning. A few months ago, following this typical routine, it came time during the workout to grab our jump ropes. Immediately realizing I had obviously left mine hanging on the rear view mirror and DROVE to the gym with it that way, I raced outside, filled with dread that my rope was lost. But to my surprise, my jump rope had survived the drive to the gym, with only a bit of wear and tear. So, I applaud the durability of these ropes, as I drug it down the road, across pavement, all the way to the gym, and it survived intact!

Lauren Carr

Great company! Had an awesome DU seminar a couple years ago & I bought a jump rope while they were there. The handle unfortunately broke last week. I messaged them asking about warranty. All they asked for was a picture of the damage & they sent a replacement right away.

David Crotts