Using our Liquid Chalk

Do you play disc golf and you’re trying to keep the disc from slipping out of your hands? Maybe you’re working out and you’re tired of dealing with messy, normal powdered chalk. Lucky for you, we’ve started selling Mute® Sports Liquid Chalk!

In this post, we’re going to go over some information on our liquid chalk.

How to Use Liquid Chalk

First of all, you want to shake it and make sure the contents inside are mixed really well. When you put it on, you want to use generally about a dime size amount. That little bit is going to be enough to cover your hands, and you can put it wherever you normally to have your chalk. If you’re going to do a hook-grip, it’s best to put it over the tops of your thumbs so they are covered. As it starts to dry, it turns white.

Different Available Sizes

We have a couple of different sizes available. We have a 50ml with a carabiner, so you can hook it on your bag or outside of your gym bag. We also have a 200ml larger bottle which also has the flip squeeze top, so if you just want to use it out the larger size, you can do that. Our thought is that you can use the larger 200ml size to refill the 50ml one. That way you’re not having to carry around all that extra weight all the time. We also have a combo package available, so you can get both the 50 ml and 200 ml bottles and save a little bit of money.

Benefits of Using Liquid Chalk

As it dries it turns white, so it’s not real powdery. Because of this, it doesn’t just come off your hands and get all over the place. Another plus is it also doesn’t get all over your clothing. When you’re doing push-ups or exercises like using a kettlebell, there’s a good chance that this will help you do more at a faster rate, as you won’t have to reapply it as much as you would with regular chalk. Another plus is it doesn’t get all over the kettlebell and it doesn’t get all over the floor. There is some transfer, but very, very little, and you’ll notice that don’t have to do as much chalking during your workouts.

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