Think Boxing Partners with Mute® Sports Equipment

We had the pleasure of connecting with Jason Scalzo in Charleston, South Carolina. He introduced us to one of his programs, Think Boxing.

Think Boxing is a modified, non-contact, Boxing Curriculum that incorporates proven therapeutic strategies to serve as an adjunct modality to mental health intervention. 

Often when individuals suffer from depression/anxiety, or experience a traumatic event resulting in PTSD, they find themselves stuck in a part of their brain responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ response. Since no two individuals are ever alike, it is getting increasingly more difficult for mental health professionals to rely solely on the impact of standard in-office therapy. 

Therefore, Think Boxing can serve as a vehicle to activate areas of the brain responsible for rational thought, empowerment, and instilling critical characteristics such as: 
–  Structure & Discipline 
–  Resilience & Determination
–  Self-confidence & Self-worth

Further, the impact of this program is not limited to afflictions of the mind, rather it can also benefit those with afflictions to the body. Think Boxing has proudly partnered with Mute® Sports Equipment to launch a series of Adaptive Boxing Programs throughout South Carolina and surrounding states.  

Adaptive Boxing has an increasingly growing following throughout Europe, Africa, and throughout USA. Think Boxing and Mute® Sports, as well as other industry partners, are excited to further its awareness throughout the Southeast – Together! If you are interested in learning more about Think Boxing programs, Adaptive Boxing, and/or becoming a certified Think Boxing Instructor please visit and send an inquiry through the website.