Mute® Sports Forever Battle Ropes




Mute® Sports Forever Battle Ropes are available in two thicknesses/weights:

1 – 1/8″ thick:
(This is the same rope as the Buffalo Rope)
30′ weighs 12.5 pounds
40′ weighs 16 pounds
50′ weighs 20 pounds

1 – 3/8″ thick (heaviest):
(This is the same rope as the Elephant Rope)
30′ weighs 23 pounds
40′ weighs 31 pounds
50′ weighs 38 pounds

Forever Battle Ropes are great for training and fitness.

This rope is very dense and does not shed!  Keeps your gym or workout room clean!

GSA Contract #47QSMA21D08PK

The handle is 11″ long so you can get a solid grip for a lot of leverage.

This is a double braid composite rope. The outside jacket is polyester and the inner cord is nylon. This rope gets it’s color due to a urethane coating that is applied to the outside jacket of the rope.

Being made of resin impregnated poly rope for extreme durability adds to the long life of this rope.

Abrasion resistant so you can use it anywhere.

Made in the U.S.A.

Forever Battle Ropes are used for cardio, core, intense workout, speed and requires you to use a lot of muscle!

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