Mute® Sports Equipment Therapy Rope



Mute® Sports Equipment’s Therapy Rope is very similar to our Split Rope™.

  • The differences are: an even more durable rope for everyday rehab use in an office setting and there is not a knob at the end of the handle that may bother the hands of a patient that in not use to working out.
  • Mute’s Therapy Rope helps to build shoulder strength, grip strength, shoulder stability, coordination as well as core strength.
  • Mute’s Therapy Rope is meant to be used in a seated position, rotating it around in the fashion you would use a jump rope.  As the ropes rotate, you will want the handles parallel to your body and perpendicular to the ground moving at a slow rpm.  The end of the rope is meant to slap the ground mimicking the shock our body would receive from jumping rope.
  • It is only available with black handles.  The handle is beefier weighing in at 125 grams (vs. our standard jump rope handle is 80 grams) and has a hefty attachment so our standard replacement cables will not work on the Therapy Rope’s handle. The handle has the appearance of our standard custom jump rope, but Mute has constructed the Therapy Rope’s handle different to withstand the pull of the weight of the rotating rope.
  • It is a must to hold the Therapy Rope’s handle with a full, tight, firm grip.
  • This is ready to be shipped to your office or gym today. 
  • Also available Mute® Sports Equipment Split Rope™ for everyday use.
  • Please contact us if you would like to know about bulk pricing.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 1 cm


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