Mute® Sports Pathway to Double Unders

Take your jump rope skills to the next level


Master double unders

Mute® Sports Pathway to Double Unders is similar to our in person double under clinics, except it is online and put at your own pace.

Tim Nightengale, manufacturer of Mute Sports Jump Ropes puts together each piece of the jump rope skill
along the way with the end result of acquiring double unders in an efficient manner. 

It is one thing to be ABLE to do some double unders…but can you string together large sets?  50?  70? 150?

During a workout, do you struggle to put together more than 5 doubles?  
After mastering your jump rope skill, you will be asking your coach to program doubles! 

We will not leave you alone with the series, we are with you every jump of the way.
We offer assistance through texting, emails, or video chats.
You can send videos via Instagram DM.


This class let me go from zero to hero with my double unders. I would recommend it to anyone!

Margaret Hersh