Mute® Sports Equipment Branded Jump Rope Handles

Check out Mute® Sports Equipment’s NEW branded jump rope handles! It is the same great jump rope handle that Mute® Sports Equipment has manufactured, but with new colors!

Attention ladies! We now have pink. In addition to pink, we have green, orange, blue, yellow, gray, black, purple, red, white and neon yellow.

If you already own one of our amazing jump ropes and would like one of our new colors, check out this link:
Set of Mute® Sports Equipment Handles Only for $27

Mute® Sports Equipment branded jump rope handles have a knob at the end. This unique manufacturing process helps youhave a secure grip on the jump rope. As you holdthe jump rope towards the knob-end of the handle, it acts as a lever which accelerates the cable with less effort. This helps delayforearm and shoulder fatigue. Let the handle do the work for you!

Another quality aspect of our jump rope handles are theMute® Sports Equipment ABEC 7 bearingsthat havea rubber seal and nylon cage. The seal helps protect the bearing from sweat and chalk dust to spin smoother. The stainless steel split ring is strong to endure many hours of jump rope.

Our handles, a set of 2 with no cable, weigh 163 grams.

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