Mute® Sports Equipment Booth

We have attended many CrossFit competitions and set up a booth. Today was another great day. We went to an Atlanta Affiliate League competition in Holly Springs, Georgia. Located just outside of Canton, it was just little over an hour drive for us. There was reported to be about 300 athletes where teams of 8 competed. Our sponsorship included free jump ropes for the second place winners. The team that won was from CrossFit North Atlanta.

This event was successful not only with the sales we had but also the contacts made to many athletes and box owners. In addition to attending CrossFit competitions, our company also visits many CrossFit boxes to do a Test Drive of our jump ropes. We arrange a time to visit a box, typically during WOD times, for athletes to try our sample jump ropes free of charge. Just like at the competitions, we build their custom jump ropes for the athletes that day. Were ready for the next event!