Michael Mills ~ Mayhem Adaptive

Michael Mills is a very energetic, outgoing and loving person. He loves to encourage and help others. As an amazing CrossFit athlete, Michael excels in many movements. It’s wild how many meters he will row at a time or use the ski erg. Not to mention wall ball sit ups and barbell work. He is quite the inspiration! See what all he can do by following @chasingmichaelmills.

Michael has been very instrumental in advertising, using and promoting our Split Ropes. We are very proud to say he is a Mute Athlete.

Michael began Sports Chair Initiative. This is an Instagram page dedicated to raising funds for people that can not afford one alone. He has raised enough money so far to purchase three wheelchairs! Follow @sportschairinitiative!

Michael often visits CrossFit Mayhem in Cookeville, Tennessee. He trains with Rich Froning and other Mayhem Athletes. Rich as asked Michael to adapt the Mayhem programming. For more information about Mayhem Adaptive, contact Michael on Instagram @chasingmichaelmills or https://www.crossfitmayhem.com/mayhem-adaptive