Measuring for a Mute® Sports Equipment Youth Jump Rope

The link below will show you a youtube video of how to measure for a custom Mute® Sports Equipment YOUTHjump rope. This process is very similar to measuring for an adult custom jump rope with the exception of where you measure to.
Using a tape measure, place it under one foot extending one end of the tape measure to the ball of the shoulder joint then extending under the foot to the ball of the other shoulder joint. Typically, we build youth custom jump ropes longer in proportion to their height than we build adult custom jump ropes. We build them longer because they are growing and the cable will last the youth longer. Also, generally youth can not accelerate the cable fast enough for the cable to “bounce”, which would cause an adult to fail.

YOUTUBE VIDEO: Measuring for a Mute® Sports Equipment Youth Jump Rope

Order your Custom Mute® Sports Equipment jump rope today!Once you have measured for your custom jump rope, you can choose from a variety of handle colors. For youth, we recommend the black cable that is 1/8″ diameter. This cable is a little heavier than other cable options we carry. It has more weight which in turn, helps maintain its shape and momentum. But, it is not too heavy to cause excess fatigue. It is the perfect balance between weight and efficiency for learning and mastering double unders.

Mute® Sports Equipment travels! Contact us to Test Drive our ropes in person! We are located in Northeast Georgia and can arrange a time to visit your box during your busy WOD times. This will allow you and your athletes to try our jump ropes, free of charge. We have over 30test jump ropes so athletes can have a hands-on experience as well as get sized for their custom jump rope. We have a variety of handle colors and cables. We have the ability to build ropes on site, at your location. Also, pleasecontact us about Mute® Sports Equipment being a vendor at your next event!