Let Your Actions Speak!

Written by Roy Wright

Let Your Actions Speak!

What an incredible “life” phrase. One that can be applied to every aspect of our crazy busy lives! We are designed to interact with each other and our world through our behavior or actions. How we act is a direct reflection of who we are and what we believe. That is why “MUTE Sports Equipment” decided to adopt this phrase to represent their company and express their values.

I rarely experience a company whose goal is to not only produce great quality products, but do so in a way that reveals the essence of their character. That is why I must spread the word about this amazing family who loves each other, loves their work and lives according to biblical principles.

The core message of this phrase is derived from 1 John 3:18 (found in the Christian bible), which states: “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth.”

Tim Nightengale, owner of Mute® Sports Equipment, wanted to ensure his brand expressed the values encompassed in this verse. He and wife, Laura, diligently teach their daughter, Sam, about the love of God through action. Sam is an integral part of creating, building and selling products for the family business.

Together this strong family of three diligently work side-by-side to create a superb product. Unbeknownst to them, the bi-products of integrity, work-ethic and love have a far greater impact on their customers than any jump-rope, chalk or wristband. How do I know Because I have the honor to call them my friends.

The Nightengale’s invited my wife and I into their home and loved on us. Not with flattery of words or empty promises; instead with a fresh cup of coffee, a listening ear and a genuine interest in our daughter. They have overlooked our shortcomings and shared their faith with us. They did not judge us, but accepted us right where we were. They have since challenged us to become better athletes, spouses and parents. This was all accomplished with action, and very few words.

I will be a loyal customer of theirs as long as they’re in the business. Not only because they have created the world’s best custom jump rope, but because they are a family business who have committed to “letting their actions speak”!