Why Jumping Rope Is The Perfect Weight Loss Tool

When you are looking for the perfect weight loss tool, it is hard to beat a jumping rope. Rope jumping has been used as a children’s game and an athlete’s warm-up for ages, but with advances in exercise science and technology, it has emerged as a premier activity for cardiovascular fitness. Mute® Sports Equipment has jump ropes for sale that are durable, high-quality tools that will put you on the road to the lean, fit body you want.

HIIT for Weight Loss

Current science tells us that HIIT training is the best way to achieve fast, effective weight loss. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It involves alternating periods of moderate activity and very intense exertion. Not only does HIIT burn more fat in less time than steady-state workouts, but it revs up your body to continue burning fat for hours after your session has ended.

HIIT With a Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is ideal for this type of interval training. You can easily vary the intensity of your jumping, and you can change it instantly. When you are building up your endurance, you can jump for longer, slower periods with occasional short bursts of intensity. As your fitness increases, you can shorten the duration and increase the pace of the slower intervals and really ramp up the power of the high intensity intervals.

Besides being able to easily control the intensity of your workout, using a jumping rope gives you a number of other advantages. First, it is the ultimately portable exercise equipment. You can carry a jump rope along in a suitcase or bag and jump anywhere there is a smooth, hard surface with enough overhead clearance.

A jumping rope routine can be accomplished in as little as ten minutes, especially if you are using the HIIT model. Pound out a few intense intervals with brief slowdowns in between and then get on with the rest of your day.

There are enough jumping rope exercises to choose from that you will never be bored. There are dozens of different motions and styles of jumping that you can use to mix up your workout. Switching things up will keep your mind active, ensure that you are fully recruiting your smaller muscles, and stave off burnout.

The Right Jumping Rope for You

To get the maximum benefit from your jumping rope, it needs to be the right weight and length. A great product to start with is an adjustable jump rope. This rope is designed to allow you to find the perfect length for you. As a general rule, a rope should extend from one underarm to the other when you are standing on the midpoint. An adjustable jump rope lets you start with slightly more length and gradually shorten it until it is just right.

Once you know what you need in a rope, you can upgrade to a custom jump rope. Mute® Sports Equipment offers jump ropes for sale in your choice of length, weight, handle color, and other custom jump rope options. Contact us and let us recommend a great rope that will be your perfect weight loss tool.