Jump Rope Workout: Annie

One of our favorite workouts in the CrossFit world is called “Annie”. Why? Because there are so many reps with our jump ropes! In this workout, you’ll be doing 150 double-unders (or we like to say 300 singles if you’re a beginner).

You’ll do five sets total, each time doing 10 fewer reps than the previous set. There’s no rest between sets, so just hammer through.


Set 1

50 double unders
50 sit-ups

Set 2

40 double unders
40 sit-ups

Set 3

30 double unders
30 sit-ups

Set 4

20 double unders
20 sit-ups

Set 5

10 double unders
10 sit-ups

You need a good sports jump rope if you’re going to take this workout seriously. Lucky for you, we have what we believe is the best on the market! Check out our custom jump ropes and have one made to fit you.