Finding the Proper Jump Rope Length

Ever since they were introduced to North America in the twentieth century, jump ropes have been a universal form of inexpensive and efficient exercise. Here at Mute® Sports Equipment, we offer various jump ropes for sale. While many people understand the appeal of jump ropes, they fail to realize the importance in finding the appropriately sized jump rope.

Why Jump Rope Size is Important:

Just like most pieces of sports equipment, jump ropes do not fall under the one size fits all moniker. For instance, if a short person uses a jump rope that is too tall, they will often be unable to jump over it at the right time. Similarly, if a taller person makes use of a jump rope that is too short, they might trip over it while jumping and fall face to the ground. The risk present in using the wrong kind of jump rope makes finding the right size even more important.

Finding the Proper Jump Rope Length:

Finding the correct jump rope length is a relatively simple process. While it is possible to look at a height chart for guidance towards the right size, one very practical method to ensure a jump rope fits is detailed below.

1. Stand with one leg on the rope.
2. Pull both handles with your left hand.
3. Note how high the handles are.

The location of the top part of both handles determines whether the jump rope fits or not. If the apex of the handles reaches near the shoulders, the jump rope is considered usable and fit. If it reaches above the shoulders, it is too long. If someone prefers a shorter jump rope, the jump ropes handles should be near their chest in this test.
Another simple way to determine if a jump rope fits or not is to see where it hits when jumping. Ideally, the rope should slightly graze the floor when jumping. If the rope fails to touch the ground while jumping, it is too short. Similarly, if the rope is too long, it will hit the floor while using it. Testing out a jump rope is a great way to determine if it is the right size.

Adjustable / Custom Jump Ropes:

While height tables and tests can do a great job in helping find the right jump rope size, they aren’t for everybody. Freestyle, Speed, Fitness Jump Ropers all have their own preferences when it comes to jump rope length. This issue is where adjustable and custom jump ropes come in.

Just like the name applies, an Adjustable Jump Rope allows full user customization of length. Using a flathead screwdriver, a user can change the length of the rope to fit their needs. Unlike Adjustable Jump Ropes, Custom Jump Ropes allow a greater deal of customization. Customers can choose the handle color, rope length and various add-ons to their liking. Both Custom and Adjustable Jump Ropes are available here on Mute® Sports Equipment. Although finding the right jump rope for your needs can be a tedious task, buying an Adjustable or Custom Jump Rope can make that job much easier.