Faith RXd

We had the privilege of doing a jump rope Test Drive at CrossFit Holly Springs near Canton, Georgia. The members were very inviting and four athletes received a PR on their double unders while trying out our jump ropes! After the two gym WODs they had a Faith RXd WOD and Worship. This was wonderful! There were about 45 people from various CrossFit boxes in the area. We began with a warm-up ~ jump ropes of course! Then relaxed for a few minutes for a short time of discussion about Christian Character. We then sang a song and dove right back into the devotion. Our character is important of being able to rely on God from simply completing a WOD or dealing with an injury. After that we had a fun partner WOD which consisted of a 12 minute AMRAP of 7 pull ups, 7 burpees and 7 wall balls. After that, we divided up into small groups and discussed how we personally deal with life in general and challenging times in our lives. It was a blessing to hear situations as well as share our own. Thankful for our CrossFit community.