CrossFit Pisgah Affiliate Package

CrossFit Pisgah is located in the beautiful city of Asheville, North Carolina. In addition to having a great box with fantastic coaches, they have organized some great events such as the Beer City Beatdown and the River Ruckus. If you are ever in the area, please check out their box or one of their events. In addition, they are the founders of the Unbroken Series…a collection of fitness events designed to challenge athletes mentally and physically, while giving back to organizations and people working to help our communities.
CrossFit Pisgah purchased an Affiliate Package and this is their testimonial:
“We highly recommend Mute® Sports Equipment’s Affiliate Package to any box owner looking to outfit your space with one collection of ropes perfect for all athletes, wods and environments. These ropes have served our athletes incredibly well in that all of our classes abuse them daily and they’ve held up amazingly well. Besides being so durable, they still have the performance of more fragile, higher-priced ropes. Our community really loves these ropes and if this package ever needs replacing, we’ll be buying from Mute again. Additionally, we like knowing we’re supporting a family business that believes in service, relationships and “gets” what affiliates are all about.”
Ben Williamson
Co-Owner/Coach, CrossFit Pisgah
Director, Unbroken Series
It is abundle of jump ropes consisting of varying sizes of fixed length ropes that are color coordinated according to the rope length. The rope lengths range from around 8′ to 9’7″,depending on the quantity of the package andfocusing on themost common lengths needed.