CrossFit, Kids and Family

The neat thing about CrossFit is we can go as a family. Tim can deadlift almost 300 pounds more than our 13 year old daughter, Samantha, yet they can still work out side by side. We can warm up and WOD together. Makes for great conversations on the ride home. Samantha has been consistently doing CrossFit for about four months now. Her favorite move is the deadlift and her least-favorites are push-ups and running. Samantha would much rather row than run. The photo shown is Matt Gutierrez, one of our trainers at CrossFit Murphy. He is a Regional Athlete!
On her own, Samantha will go outside and jump rope to try to master double unders. She has tried many times with Mutes thicker black jump rope cable and has graduated to Mutes thinner blue jump rope cable. So far her PR is 25 double unders. For a 62 pound 13 year old girl, this is really exciting! Her favorite athlete is of course, Rich Froning. She read his book and especially likes how he gives glory to God for his success. Another favorite athlete is Lauren Fisher. Whats inspiring about Lauren is she started at the same age Samantha is now. Its great to watch Samantha grow in the Lord and CrossFit.