CrossFit and Shoulder Surgery

Another great advantage of CrossFit is what we learn from friends we work out with. Our friend Danny had shoulder surgery last year. Leading up to the surgery, Danny met with his doctor about alternatives. He began with injections and then his doctor decided that surgery was necessary. In addition to consulting with his doctor, Danny consulted his CrossFit trainer, Erik. Erik worked with Danny on scaling the proper way due to the shoulder pain. Danny has been following the Paleo diet. He eats sweet potatoes or white potatoes for the additional carbs post workout. After surgery, since he could not workout for three weeks, he would visit CrossFit. He found that just spending time in the gym helped with accountability to stay with proper nutrition as well as the correspondence with friends and trainers helped to keep him inspired. It took about three to four months before he was able to jump rope, but was able to do most movements scaled. At the time of the interview with Danny, it had been nine months post-surgery and he felt he had 90% mobility. Dannys advice to anyone needing surgery and doing CrossFit is to listen to your trainer! Thats what they are there for! This article is not intended for medical advice. Consult your doctor regarding exercise before, during and after surgery. Please note that this was not a CrossFit injury.