Bring Along a Jump Rope While Traveling On a Vacation or Business Trip

If you want to continue exercising while traveling on a vacation or business trip, then an adjustable jump rope is the perfect choice. Many types of sports equipment are impossible to pack in a suitcase. When you are traveling, you want to bring along exercise gear that is lightweight and acceptable for having in your luggage on an airplane. With a custom jump rope, you can exercise anywhere, including in the lounge at an airport or in your hotel room.

How Do You Choose a New Jump Rope?

If you have never purchased a jump rope before, then it is essential to understand the process of finding the best one for your needs at Mute® Sports Equipment. Here are a few tips for selecting the perfect jump rope.

– Find a jump rope that rotates in the handles to prevent twisting. Mute’s has a quality bearing system.

– Length is very important:  Add 3′ to your height (Example:  if you are 5’3″ then you would order an 8’3″ cable). Another way is to hold the handles with the cable under one foot measuring from arm pit to arm pit.

– If you are new to jump rope, Mute’s black cable will be great for you!

– Practice jumping 2 to 3 minutes a day.  You will be amazed at your progress of jumping rope!

Select a Jump Rope That Is Easy To Adjust For Different Users

If you are traveling with your family or coworkers, then having an adjustable jump rope is beneficial because everyone can use the jump rope. To adjust the jump rope cable: using a flat head screwdriver, loosen the set screw. Approximate cable length should be measuring from arm pit to arm pit with the cable under one foot. After measuring, tighten the set screw. You can shorten or lengthen the item for children, teenagers or adults.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Jump Rope While Traveling?

– Jump roping offers multiple benefits for your health, including:

– Moderate exercise with a jump rope burns up to 16 calories per minute

– Increases your breathing for better cardiovascular fitness

– Jump rope three times a day for 10 minutes to burn 480 calories

– Keeps your joints flexible

– Strengthens the muscles in your legs and shoulders

– Improves your eye-hand coordination

– Provides total body toning

– Eliminates excess body fat

Find the Highest Quality Custom Jump Rope

If you know that you are traveling alone, then ordering a custom jump rope is ideal because it will give you a better workout while being more compact and lightweight in your suitcase. Mute® Sports Equipment offers custom athletic jump ropes that are made of the highest quality materials to remain durable for many years.