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Concept2: Adaptive Athlete Michael Mills

Check out this fantastic blog written by Concept2 about Michael Mills: Wheelchair athlete Michael Mills gives practical advice to other athletes considering trying the RowErg or SkiErg: “Really, just start.”……Read more at….

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Michael Mills ~ Mayhem Adaptive

Michael Mills is a very energetic, outgoing and loving person. He loves to encourage and help others. As an amazing CrossFit athlete, Michael excels in many movements. It’s wild how many meters he will row at a time or use the ski erg. Not to mention wall ball sit ups and barbell work. He is

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Boxing is Love

Think Boxing Partners with Mute Sports Equipment

We had the pleasure of connecting with Jason Scalzo in Charleston, South Carolina. He introduced us to one of his programs, Think Boxing. Think Boxing is a modified, non-contact, Boxing Curriculum that incorporates proven therapeutic strategies to serve as an adjunct modality to mental health intervention.  Often when individuals suffer from depression/anxiety, or experience a traumatic event

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Using our Liquid Chalk

Do you play disc golf and you’re trying to keep the disc from slipping out of your hands? Maybe you’re working out and you’re tired of dealing with messy, normal powdered chalk. Lucky for you, we’ve started selling Mute Sports Liquid Chalk! In this post, we’re going to go over some information on our liquid chalk.

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Win a Free Custom Jump Rope!

WIN A FREE CUSTOM JUMP ROPE! Here is your chance to win a Custom Jump Rope from Mute Sports Equipment Use the box below to do one (or all) of the tasks. Each task is worth 1 entry. All entries will be verified prior to the winner being selected. Contest runs from Wednesday, December 20

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Double Unders

How to Master Double Unders

In this post, we’re going to go over a few common issues that people have when they’re struggling to get double unders. All of the things that we will mention, will help you master double unders. Our tips will help you get them a little bit easier, more consistently, and more effectively. Timing The first

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mute sports equipment custom jump rope length
Jump Rope Tips

Finding the Proper Jump Rope Length

Ever since they were introduced to North America in the twentieth century, jump ropes have been a universal form of inexpensive and efficient exercise. Here at Mute Sports Equipment, we offer various jump ropes for sale. While many people understand the appeal of jump ropes, they fail to realize the importance in finding the appropriately

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Benefits of Jumping Rope

Jump Rope Muscles Used

So, you want to get in shape. Luckily, there is an accessible way to exercise that targets a variety of muscle group. This exercise is jumping rope. Not only is jumping rope a great exercise for fitness veterans, but it is also a useful way to begin a long-term workout routine. In order to show

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mute sports equipment jump ropes for sale
Benefits of Jumping Rope

Build Endurance and Heart Health by Jumping Rope

Odds are you loved jumping rope as a kid, but haven’t picked up a jump rope since your elementary school days. Turns out, your younger self knew a thing or two about fitness – jumping rope is excellent for your heart and can help you increase your endurance. You may have noticed that more and

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