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Benefits of using a Heavy Jump Rope

Mute® Sports Equipment recently started selling 2 types of heavy jump ropes – the calf rope and the bull rope. Both offer similar benefits, with the bull rope being a bit heavier than the calf rope.

You may be asking “what are the benefits of using a heavy jump rope?” In short, the intensity of a heavy jump ropes will increase your grip strength, stamina and capacity. It will truly test the endurance of your grip and shoulder strength.


Improve your Grip Strength

With a heavy rope, it takes a lot more arm strength and grip strength to be able to hold and control the handles. This won’t just help your grip when jumping rope – it will also help when doing things like pull-ups or bar related exercises.


Improve Your Stamina and Capacity

A standard jump rope can help beginners increase their work capacity, but once the body adapts, there is no more room for improving work capacity when using a lighter rope.

There may come a time where you’ll be able to do double-unders without feeling like they are a challenge. Once the body adapts to a certain intensity and/or duration of an activity, you would need to change things up to continue to improve.

When you start to use a heavy jump rope, you’ll being to challenge yourself in a different way. Most of our customers that use our heavy ropes are on the floor out of breath after doing 20 reps.


Tone Your Muscles

A standard jump rope is amazing for cardiovascular health, but it won’t really help you gain muscles. On the flip side, a heavy rope is great for your heart and your muscles, especially your upper body.

The greater the weight of the rope, the more momentum that is generated. The more momentum that is generated, the more force that is put on your arms. In turn, the extra force that is made by heavy ropes can really help you develop solid upper body strength.


If you feel like our custom jump ropes aren’t a challenge anymore, or just want to take your jump rope skills to the next level, then our heavy jump ropes are for you!