Athlete Spotlight : Jenny Williams

“This is my comeback rope!”
Jenny Williams is from CrossFit 285 in Atlanta, Georgia. She has been doing CrossFit for six years, but more importantly, she has been doing CrossFit her entire nine months of pregnancy. When I talked to her on a Saturday, she was due on Tuesday and her last WOD was the Friday before! Shes a true inspiration to dedication. Early in her pregnancy she could no longer do any hanging exercises such as pull ups or kipping. She said that she had to stop doing double unders at about six months into her pregnancy. She was able to modify the burpees into an air squat then a push up. Her favorite CrossFit movement while pregnant is the lateral box step ups.

Jennys advice to ladies who CrossFit during pregnancy is to listen to your body. There are things that they say you can not do, that you can as well as things they say you can do that your body lets you know quickly that you shouldnt. She referenced a great website, she uses for great advice. Today she purchased a Mute® Sports Equipment jump rope and called it her comeback rope. She plans to get right back into it after having her little angel.