Athlete Spotlight: Jeff Holloway

Jeff is the owner of CrossFit Rome in Rome, Georgia. We met Jeff at the Three Rivers Throwdown in January, 2014. He has since opened a new CrossFit and a continues to be a supporter of Mute® SportsEquipment. Mute® Sports Equipment jump ropes have bearings that spin better and the tape on the handles stays on longer. As an owner, Jeff is also an invested trainer. He works closely with each athlete to assure they are doing the movements and skills properly. He enjoys the Olympic movements the most as well as double-unders. Jeffs PR is 112 in one minute! It was tough for Jeff to decide which Hero WOD is his favorite. It seemed to be a tie between Rankle and Nuts because they require endurance and include a run at the end. Nuts has a great title because its just weird and convoluted but also fun at the s

ame time. Jeff started CrossFit in 2007 and trained under a friend of Mike Burgener (who is a is a Senior International Weightlifting Coach and runs a Regional Training Center for USA Weightlifting from his home in California). Jeff stated that one of the most interesting things he finds about CrossFit is ways to find chinks in their armor to find areas for improvement and open them up to more that life has to offer. Things such as playing with our kids, day to day life with working in the yard and daily work schedules. By spending time with Jeff, we found that he is a great box owner, dedicated trainer and friend to his athletes.