All About Mute!

Hi all! In the very first post, I gave a little bit about me (Sam) and my company, Six:19 Collections. I hope you have given that and the other past posts a read and been able to see God work in your life, just as I have been able to writing and studying about these topics. So, enough about me. It is a little bit of an obvious statement, but you are on the Mute® Sports Equipment website.

Mute® Sports Equipment is a company owned by my parents, Tim and Laura Nightengale. These guys are awesome. Now I may be a little biased, but hey, that’s good, right?! Dad began this company through his own ideas and concepts. He couldn’t find the jump rope he wanted, so he made it. His background is inline speed skating so high quality bearings and axels were not the hard part. The handle is made of plastic, and the grip which is wrapped around the plastic is an over grip made specifically for Mute® Sports Equipment. The most important part… the cable. It is a 7 by 7 twist air-craft cable which comes in three diameters for the athlete to choose from depending on his/her ability to do double unders.

As this design began to take off, a name needed to be put with it. Dad sat down with a Bible-Dictionary and God. Heart to heart conversation. Oh yeah, that’s how it goes with this awesome guy! Every once in a while he would say a word and Mom would work with him to come up with a slogan which went with both that word and some scripture. Most of them sounded good, but that’s not what they were looking for. And neither was God. They were searching for a great and catchy name which would stand out to all. God didn’t want them to settle, and neither did they. “Mute. Mute® Sports Equipment. Let your actions speak. Yeah, that’s it!” The scripture that goes along with this is 1 John 3:18. “Little children, we must not love in word or speech, but in truth and action.”

I’m not even going to try and explain the excitement I heard in my parent’s voices, because I can promise you I would not be able to even come close to it. It all of a sudden became real to our small family of three. It began with an idea that we had no idea the potential of, but now we needed a name. Names seem so important to me. It brings me to think about when God changed Saul’s name to Paul on the road to Damascus. God puts meaning into names, and my parents aimed to do just that.


This was in October of 2013. Since then, I have been able to see them grow in Christ as well as see the company grow. Now, there is much more than jump ropes. It doesn’t take much to see a couple who is rooted in Christ, but also does their best to lift up each gym they visit in prayer. Mute® Sports Equipment now offers callus grinders, wrist wraps, t-shirts, and some other gear. Hint… browse the website and see some other goodies I know you’ll fall in love with! 😉

One last thing! I want to give you an opportunity to meet these guys in person! Right now, Mute® Sports Equipment is thriving off of visiting gyms. We will come into your gym, if your box owner is interested, and set up a small booth. It includes test ropes for athletes to try, as well as all the products on the website. My dad is a wonderful coach, so at the beginning of all classes, there will be an opportunity to participate in a double under clinic! I think we can all use this, no matter what level you are at.


I hope to meet some of you one day, Sam.