Adaptive Athlete Custom Jump Rope

Mute® Sports Equipment manufactures theadaptive jump rope. It is specially designed for one-armed adaptive athletes. We start with a light-weight shaft of 6066 aluminum with a brushed finish then press our Mute® Sports ABEC 7 sealed bearings into each end of the jump rope (the advantage of a sealed bearing is to keep out sweat, chalk dust and any other contaminatesto keep the bearing smooth over the life of the jump rope). Next, we apply the three specific color grips that you choose to express your style! Finally, we build the custom cable length to fit your height. The black cable 1/8 diameter. The cable weighs 5 grams per foot. It is made with aircraft cable and is galvanized to prevent rust. The nylon coating wears well. Be sure to always jump on a smooth surface such as a gym floor.

We have been fortunate enough to supply these to athletes not just in the USA, but also have shipped them to Canada, Europe, Central America and Australia.

While this is designed for adaptive athletes, any athlete may take on the challenge!

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