5 Tips to Help You Master Double Unders

Double unders are an essential part of a Crossfit workout, but they can seem a little daunting at first. A properly-performed group of double unders is a matter of consistency, rhythm, and accuracy. If this sounds intimidating, don’t worry–if you practice these steps consistently, you’ll be doing them in no time.

1. Pick the correct length of rope

It’s important to find the right length jump rope for you. Although it’s better to have a slightly longer rope than a shorter one, taking the time to find the perfect fit is worth it.

To determine the proper length, stand on top of the jump rope with your feet together and the handles facing forward. In this position, the handles of the rope should reach the middle of your chest. You may need a custom jump rope to master the double under. If you’re tall, an adjustable jump rope might be a good choice.

2. Work on your timing

A common mistake among beginners is jumping too quickly. It’s possible to accomplish a few double unders that way, but with improper timing it’s rare to perform more than five in a row. A properly-executed double under is a matter of rhythm and accuracy. The cadence you should think of is, “Tick-Jump.” Essentially, on the word “tick”, the rope should hit the ground, and on the word “jump”, you leap up. It’s a fast rhythm; “tick” and “jump” are almost like a single word. To master this, you should be preparing for your jump just as you snap the rope down.

3. Feel the rope hit the ground

When the rope hits the ground, you should feel it in your wrists. To get the proper “tick” rhythm, the rope should hit the ground roughly six inches ahead of your feet. Once you lose the feel of the “tick-jump” cadence, you’re more likely to break your consecutive string of double unders. When you focus on the rope’s feel, it helps your overall focus, too.

4. Keep your hands low

Your hands should be down by your sides, never above your elbows. Anchor your hands at your hips, below the base of your ribcage. When you begin to get exhausted, your hands will want to rise up and “fly away”. Once this process begins, the rope will rise too, which will cause it to catch on your shoes. As you perform double unders, focus on keeping your hands in a consistent position at your sides.

5. Buy your own rope

It’s too difficult to get used to several different ropes; they turn at different speeds; they have different lengths and handle sizes. If you truly want to master double unders, you need your own rope. There are a ton of jump ropes for sale, and you can the perfect custom jump rope or adjustable jump rope for you at Mute® Sports Equipment.