5 Reasons You Should Jump Rope Every Day

Doctors continue to express the importance of exercise in one’s daily routine. While getting the motivation to make changes in your life is one hurdle, finding the right way to exercise is another. You could look into a gym membership and pay a monthly fee for something that you may not use enough. You could get home gym equipment that takes up a large section of space in what’s, more than likely, a cramped living quarters as is. Or you could look to alternative measures to get the workout you need. Namely, try a classic workout method with modern qualities, such as a custom jump rope. If you have multiple people that use it, you can always look into an adjustable jump rope. These can be procured from a specialty shop or most sporting goods stores.

1. Cardiovascular & Respiratory

Both the cardiovascular and respiratory systems are dutifully impacted by the process of jumping rope. It works to increase the air intake and detoxification of the lungs. Coaxing your body into removing buildup from carcinogens in the air and opening airway passages will allow your body to be more adept at processing oxygen and delivering it to the cardiovascular system. Meanwhile, your capillaries and blood vessels will enlarge, helping to keep blood flow at an increased level. This will also lower cholesterol and help remove plaque buildup in the arteries, lowering risks of a heart attack or stroke.

2. Muscles

This simple action will build muscular strength. The jumping aspect of the workout builds the muscle tissues in your legs. The aerobic motions of swinging the rope also builds arm and upper body strength. Researchers in Japan tested a number of rats to see if jumping up and down repeatedly during the week increased bone and muscle strength. Having the rats jump 40 times per week resulted in significant increased muscle tissue by the end of six months. This healthy increase in body mass was easily maintained by having the rats simply jump 20 to 30 times per week following the initial conditioning.

3. Skeletal System

This exercise is absolutely key for growing the strength of your bones. It adds density to your skeletal frame by causing your body to increase vitamins and minerals to your bones. Rope jumping is particularly beneficial to ankles and feet since they are the primary resource used by the body when jumping up and down. Your wrists can also be strengthened by the rotation, helping reduce the impact of carpal tunnel syndrome. Getting an adjustable jump rope can help with this, so you can modify the length of the rope to get different results.

4. Skin Health

One thing you probably don’t know is how good jumping rope is for your skin. By doing a daily regimen, the rope jumping increases blood flow and brings nutrients to the skin’s surface. This replenishes your skin, giving it a more supple appearance and soft texture. It also eliminates toxins by working the lymphatic system, which prevents spots and acne problems by causing pores to open and release sweat. This clears out any blockages you may have, especially in the T-zone. Finally, since this exercise is so inclusive to the body, it increases the use of internal organs which contribute to hormonal balance. These natural hormones greatly impact the quality of your skin.

5. Minimal Equipment and Space Required

One of the overall benefits of jumping rope is the minimalism required in owning and operating this piece of equipment. Jump ropes are generally inexpensive but provide the basic benefits of costly gym equipment or fad gadgets. You can even get a custom jump rope that will cater to your exact body type. The ropes themselves are small and go with you anywhere you travel. They’re perfect for those who travel for a living or like to get an brief exercise in during a long lunch.

Jumping rope is a fun and energetic way to build muscle, strengthen you skeleton and aid your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It’s affordable and convenient and modern retailers like Mute® Sports Equipment have jump ropes for sale that can be personalized for your size and workout needs.